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13 Jan 2020

LogiPoint set for phenomenal expansion, buoyed up by Saudi Arabia’s farsighted ‘Vision 2030’ ambitions

LogiPoint, operating a network of integrated Logistics Parks and notably the first and largest bonded and re-export zone Saudi Arabia, is all set to expand its investment base in the Kingdom by building capacities and broadening its presence and services in 2020.

2020 is slated to become a turning point year for LogiPoint as they seek to enlarge thier footprint, widen product offerings and expand operations across Saudi Arabia. LogiPoint strategy envisions the provision of a high degree of professionalism, high efficiency, high performance standards, streamlining systems, developing the IT infrastructure, building capacity and portfolio of services.

The multi-award winning LogiPoint is a subsidiary of Saudi Industrial Services Co– SISCO, a joint stock company listed on the Tadawul, the country’s Stock Exchange.  Thanks to rapid takeoff, the company is witnessing heavy demand for its warehousing solutions, both for pre-built and for the ‘Built-to-Suit’ facilities.

According to LogiPoint, this projected and cascading demand will drive LogiPoint’s investments to acquire additional warehousing space of about 55,000sqm and add substantially to the number and capacity of the warehouses.

LogiPoint further elaborated that in its quest to extend across the Kingdom, LogiPoint will invest considerably in developing new state-of-the-art Logistics Parks and completing the outstanding construction projects in The Logistics Park (Modon Jeddah) in 2020.

The company has recently signed a long-term agreement with Aramex, a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, for the construction of ‘Build-to-Suit’ facilities for Aramex’s Western Province ground operations.

LogiPoint currently has a total of 72,000sqm multipurpose warehousing area customised to client needs, fully equipped with sophisticated features such as: round-the-clock temperature monitoring with remote alert and battery back-up; redundant HVAC systems to ensure continuous operation; security systems with video surveillance and alarms; epoxy-sealed floors to ensure dust-free environment; full GMP and GDP compliance; pest control procedures; quality control processes and many more.

In addition, new buildings of about 55,000 Sqm are being built, which will be ready in 2020-21.

One of the landmark new services that LogiPoint introduced last year was the cross-border multimodal movement for shipments into the GCC. Eastbound shipments from the Western origins can now be discharged in Jeddah and moved via bonded trucking to their final destinations in the GCC.

This helps reduce the transit time for the imports into the region by approximately seven to 10 days and introduces unprecedented efficiencies for the regional logistics sector. On the flip side, West-bound shipments originating from the East can now be discharged on the regional ports in the Arabian Gulf on the East, and moved under bond to Jeddah for onward multimodal movement to final destinations in Africa, Europe and the Americas.  

LogiPoint is constantly re-evaluating its value-added services for its clients to see how it can bring greater new efficiencies, cost savings and better profits to their business. The Regional exporters can now avail our value-added services to serve their export markets in the Mena region and beyond when they use LogiPoint as their regional logistics hub.


LogiPoint’s contribution to the Saudi market has been remakable. Twenty years ago, when it commenced operations, the bonded zone was an unfamiliar concept to the logistics industry in the Kingdom. Today, the industry is able to plan, develop and deliver highly sophisticated logistics solutions to the market because of the initiatives the company has been pioneering and introducing over the years.

In this way, LogiPoint has attracted extensive new investments into the Kingdom, enabling the freight forwarding and logistics industry to offer cost-effective and efficient services to the market.

LogiPoint continue to see their role as one of making active contribution to the ‘Saudi Vision 2030’ through enabling the logistics and supply chain industries.