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LogiPoint (Bringing new concepts to KSA)

06 Feb 2019

In 1999, the ambitious journey of LogiPoint began as it built the Kingdom’s first and the largest Bonded and Re-Export Zone (BRZ) in Jeddah Islamic Port spreading on 1 million square meter of reclaimed land. At first, it was merely an idea to facilitate, streamline and accelerate the import and export through Jeddah Islamic Port.

Over the next 20 years, LogiPoint transformed the Saudi Maritime and Supply Chain landscape into a world class integrated logistics infrastructure, as it introduced bonded warehousing and storage, faster customs clearance, transparency and accountability in operations, and logistics parks and zones beyond JIP to the mix. These additions enabled the industry to introduce new services and solutions to the market, while making it possible to lower costs and reduce inventories. At the end of the day, LogiPoint clients were able to offer modern solutions and reliable services at a competitive price to their markets and were thus able to achieve and exceed their own growth objectives.

LogiPoint is the brainchild and a subsidiary of two established industry leaders, SISCO (Saudi Industrial Services Company) and the Xenel Group; and is a sister company of Red Sea Gateway Terminal (RSGT). Farooq Ahmed Sheikh the CEO of LogiPoint feels that the company has the right mix of experience, market understanding and strategic assets to play an even greater role in the future as the Kingdom embarks on its pursuit of Vision 2030.

“This year, we will be celebrating our 20th anniversary,” he says. “We have come a long way since our birth in 1999, when we introduced the concept of a Bonded and Re-export Zone (BRZ) to the Saudi Arabian regulatory authorities, while laying out its benefits to the national economy. Over the years, we have worked as enablers and logistics partners with our customers from across all the major industry segments,” says Shaikh. “We have helped them avoid unplanned and variable expenses in terms of demurrage and penalties as well as in lost opportunities, while also helping them achieve greater turn-around and ROI on their investments. LogiPoint delivers a comprehensive, safe and convenient Logistics solutions by leveraging our strategic assets.”

Those strategic assets make for an impressive reading: A total land area of 1.78 million sqm; 347,600 sqm of warehouse area; 70,000 sqm of truck parking area; 6,400 sqm of residential area; 747,000 sqm of total open yard; 38,800 sqm of commercial area and 11,800 sqm of truck service area. An ever-expanding team of industry experts and specialists all supported by a world class IT infrastructure, and all under-pinned by a commitment to growth and innovation.

Mr. Shaikh is optimistic about the way forward for the organization: “Combining strategically located logistics zones and our logistics support services, we have positioned ourselves ideally to lead the drive for efficient logistics solutions in the industry. We do this through building capacities and enhancing capabilities and by offering transactional, tactical and strategic benefits to all our stakeholders. We are committed to expanding our current investment base by developing both green-field and brown-field integrated logistics facilities across Saudi Arabia while focusing on attracting international investors into the Kingdom. We have been at the forefront of bringing international concepts in logistics efficiency to KSA over the last two decades, and with the Kingdom’s drive towards achieving Vision 2030 objectives, we see a greater role for LogiPoint as enablers of trade and development through innovative logistics solutions.”