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Project Location A premium location having multiple benefits around


C-Store, Restaurants, Cafes

Industrial Fuel Station

Commercial Fuel Station

Payable Trucks Parking

3PL Warehouse

Vehicles Fast Maintenance Services

Trucks Fast Maintenance Services

Trucks Weighting Scales

Truck Driver Food Court, Shops & Offices

Labour Accomodation

0 Sq M
Warehouse Area
0 Sq M
Total Land
0 Sq M
Truck Service Area
0 Sq M
Commercial Area
0 Sq M
Trucks Parking Area
Parking Slots



Lease a space
  • Lease a space as per your exact need.
  • Design and invest only on your decoration.
  • Short lease period.
  • Not allowed to sublease or handover to other tenants


Invest, Build & Operate your business
  • Long terms contract up to 10 years
  • Facilitate the design and building to your own standards
    (Subject to LogiPoint maps and quality)
  • Allowed to sublease or to handover to new investor
    (subject to Modon and LogiPoint approval)
  • Save on your yearly least cost.
  • Limited to slot size

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